MC 2015: Slice the Pie

Master Class sort of fell off a cliff last year but there have been several who have been asking me when it would return. Now that the holidays have officially ended (though my tree is still up), I plan to get back to this. I’ve decided on a few changes, however, to make it easier for you to actively participate, and me to keep up with the “class.” I will add these instructions to each post so they are always available and anyone can jump right in.

So, let’s begin class, shall we?

I’m going to leave the prompts open for interpretation. Instead of needing to add the prompt into the story as a requirement, I’m going offer three prompts you can choose from, and only ask that you link to Master Class, care of the badge, and share the prompt you chose, even if you don’t use the actual wordage in the story itself. I only ask that the prompt is clearly understood. There are no word count restrictions, though from time to time, you will be challenged with them.


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