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We want you to WRITE, not only that, but we want to motivate you to write, inspire you, get your muse singing, the page filled, and contentment in your soul.

This is why we offer our own exclusive writing prompts:

Master Class Featured ImageMonday offers the Master Class prompt, hosted by Stephanie Ayers. Three prompts to choose from, one story to write.
Coldly Calc Featured ImageWednesday brings A.L. Mabry’s twisted Coldly Calculating. Take a walk on the dark side with cold play on writing by the numbers.
The Darkroom Featured ImageThursday is photography fun, hosted by nature photographer and blogger, Tara Roberts. Join us for The Darkroom and let’s see what develops.

Fractured Featured ImageFriday’s are full of flash and fractured fiction fun. A prompt invites you to rewrite a favorite nursery rhyme or fairy tale in 500 words or less.


Ready? Set? Scribe happy!