Who Are We?

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Who is my write side?

My Write Side is co-owned and operated by A.L. Mabry and Stephanie Ayers. We welcome regular contributors, guest posts, and submissions of all forms of writing. We hope you will make yourself at home. It’s cozy and comfortable here.

What is My Write Side?

This is the dream of two girls who write. We met in 2010 as a result of a writing club partnering and haven’t looked back since. We created this community to fulfill our own quest to better writing and invite you along for the ride.

How did it get started?

This site began as Stephanie’s personal blog, and as we realized we shared the same dream (along with practically everything else), we decided to take My Write Side one step further and create a place where writers can mingle, share, read, and find resources to help them meet their goals, improve their writing, and achieve their dreams.

We desire to make this site a main attraction for writers of all kinds. We hope that through My Write Side, authors, publishers, agents, and readers will connect. We will scour the internet to bring the best, the latest, and the necessary to help writers find success.

So, now that you’ve met us, feel free to look around. Stick around for awhile, and let My Write Side become Your Write Side, too!

Discover the writers here. Have something you want to say? Contact us.

Here's YOUR write side. Fill it up!

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