This one will be short and simple, but I needed to clean the cobwebs from the blog and open the windows to air it out some.

Here’s what I’m dealing with now…

I have written 31 articles as a content writer, several of which are bought by one travel blogger. These take up a lot of time in research since it’s my in-depth and detailed posts that he seeks. I have sold 21 in total, with 7 still waiting for purchase and about 4 drafts I’m working on. I’ve been lucky and only had 1 post rejected, and ended up recycling another because the company I originally wrote it for stopped using my content mill’s services.

I signed up for NaNoWriMo, to put a huge dent in that novel I’ve been working on forever it seems like: The Elven Games, aka The Most Unlikely Hero. I’m starting NaNo with 31, 553 words down and hope to end it with 85,000. I added 1700 new words, a new town, and a new character (Friar Arch) yesterday.

The problem? I have only managed to do one or the other. Today I still need to vote, but I wrote 2 articles, and need to put in some time to Hero. On top of all that, I run my household since its overtime season for my hubs, and babysit my gorgeous little nephew 1-2 days a week.

So, now I just have to find time to add something to the blog, even if its just “something.”

So…since I’m here, don’t forget that my book, Til Death Do Us Part, is still available for sale, and since the story revolves around Christmas, it’s the perfect time to buy, if you haven’t already.

And, my daughter is still hoping to go to Peru. She’s got a YouCaring fundraiser up to help her with the financial funding. As a child with ADHD, PTSD, Mood Disorder NOS, anxiety, depression, and possibly ASD, this trip is looking like something that will be really good for her. Not only will she help others more needy than herself, but she will learn the art and blessings of giving, an important lesson to learn in this grab-it-all decade of selfishness. Any amount is appreciated, but if you don’t feel called to donate or are short on money, the best gift you can give is your prayers. The whole team needs them.

Come back soon. I still plan to get Master Class up and running again in the near future. I’m working on a great new idea for it in between articles, novels, babysitting, and dreaming.


    • Most of this stuff happens between 8 and 4 so its like punching a time clock, LOL. I usually dilly around on the computer for decompression between 4 and 530 (the kids play outside) when I might get up and start dinner. Sunday-Wednesday nights are locked to Fall tv shows, and if I’m still not sleepy, then I do some research to prepare for the next day. It doesn’t feel busy to me, and there comes a certain satisfaction at the end of the day to feel accomplished, even if I really didn’t do much. Let’s see how well I can continue this routine when the weather becomes too foul for them to play outside!


      • Sleep is a whole other issue though. I need to get more of it because I do get more accomplished when I’ve slept well. So, there’s that. 😉


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