Faux & Facade & Moving On

This morning is a strange one. Yesterday there was relief, a joyful facade that life would finally return to normal. Faux happiness that everyone was once more where they belonged.

Today things are different. The relief is still there, yet there’s also this little hole left behind that aches. No excited-to-see-me little legs kicking. No bright-smile-to-revel-the-sun to greet me.

It’s painful how easy it is to “go back to normal life” as if the last 3 months never happened.

But this morning, my arms are empty. I don’t have to take the first 30 minutes of my morning to cater to the baby. I can go straight to living, like the past 3 months never happened.

But they did.

Forever Mimi's lovebug
Forever Mimi’s lovebug


  1. Oh sweet friend. I’ll be thinking of you as you adjust to this new “normal.” You did a phenomenal thing for that beautiful boy because you are a truly incredible, selfless, wonderful person.


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