The Gathering Place



Garden fairies on the prowl

Gargoyles gazing down

Lost souls looking for a claim

Remnants of a carnival’s beached clown.




A baby takes his first breath

An elderly soul finally at rest

Ghosts who wander through time and space

Demons with an unholy quest.




Brimstone from a dragon’s fire

A unicorn’s crowning spiral

Hunters seeking distant prey

Ogre brides walking down the aisle.




A place with many doors

Where all of this is found

Look between the covers

Where creative words abound.


Flip the cover if you dare,

Warlocks, wizards, stars, and space

You’ll find them there

In the gathering place.

The Studio 30+ prompts of envisage and imagine used in conjunction with Inspiration Monday’s “Beached Clown” prompt helped bring this poem to life. I hope you enjoyed it!


Thanks for stopping in!


  1. I enjoyed the rhythm in this piece SAM. Each caption for the stanzas pulled together what you shared with us within them. The fantastical elements of the content made it fun to read thrice.


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