Nano will be a fail again this year. Even starting with 31k in, I still won’t make it to 50k, not unless I buckle down, but with the article writing (of which I did almost none of last week), and my new project I can’t talk about taking forefront for the moment, let’s just say that the cold that knocked me on my butt last week really really put me behind everywhere but sleep.

I guess that’s good right?

And then there was the whole argument with my pc this morning. It decided that it wanted to be italics and not work, so I had to give it a good cleaning (Disk cleanup), delete that printer software I don’t use anymore, uninstall drivers and programs I don’t use any more, clean it up some more, and then, after setting everything back to default….

It still took a couple of hours (and its still not 100% right!). I finally fixed the italics issue (at least on Chrome. I’m typing in italics on wordpress for some reason still) by reinstalling all the Microsoft default fonts. Apparently a Windows update completed earlier in the year ate my default arial font (so now I type in bold italic!). Sigh.

So…wanna read some more Edgar? He was traveling with Friar Arch, headed for Galentown, last time I shared. Let’s just say Friar Arch is not quite what he puts himself out to be….


“We must hurry,” the monk said to the two blonde men who sprung from the woods once Edgar hit the ground. Both had freckles splayed across the noses of their tanned faces. Both had the beginnings of youthful beards. Both wore brown tunics over green britches. Their knee high brown boots were the only things that distinguished them from each other. One had gold bands along the ankles where the other was bare.

Gold banded boots slapped the monk on the shoulder as they finished covering Edgar with rotten produce. “It took you long enough, Octavius!” His deep voice betrayed his boyish appearance. A high pitched snicker from the other man startled the monk.

“No thanks to you, Jonas,” Friar Arch said. “What took you so long? We could have had him long before we got this close to the city!” Octavius cast a cautious look towards the guard tower, but no one seemed to be aware of what he had done.

The high pitched snicker filled the air again. “What’s the matter, old man? Are you scared?” Jonas backhanded his twin on the shoulder.

“Shut up, Elias,” Jonas cautioned. “Were it not you crying in the bushes yesterday about coming along in the trees?” He turned his attention to the boy beneath the cabbage. “Why’d you go and cover him for?” He grunted in surprise at Edgar’s weight when he tried to pick him up.

“What are you doing?” Fear turned the monk’s voice half an octave higher than normal. He cast another glance towards the guard tower and became frantic when he saw it was empty. The sun had not yet set so there could only be one reason for the tower to be empty. They had been seen.

“I’m relieving him of his items. He won’t be needing them where he is going, anyway.”

Jonas patted Edgar roughly enough to rouse him. His head pounded with every heartbeat. Melodious scents covered his face. Hands slammed roughly on his aching body. Thieves! His mind screamed, yet he remained still. His ears caught the sound of three voices. He was outnumbered and it would be senseless to fight. Hooves clicking against the ground sent a sliver of relief down his spine.

“Quick, Jonas! To the woods! Go! Now!” Elias said, his voice almost a whisper. The pounding on Edgar’s body stopped as the horse drew nearer. Friar Arch stooped down and tossed dirt over his face before crumbling to the ground as if hurt. If Edgar’s eyes had not been closed and his body still, he would have found it comical.

Heavy feet hit the ground as the guard dismounted. Silence permeated the thick heat of the air. Octavius shot glances at the guard in an attempt to read his body language, but the guard gave up nothing. When their eyes connected, he looked away quickly.

“What’s going on? Is that you, again, Octavius Arch?” The guard stepped in closer and pulled the monk’s hood back. The guard sighed and helped him to his feet. The guard shook his head again. “Why is it always trouble when you’re around? Are your minions trying to sneak into the city again?” Octavius looked at the ground but did not respond. “Bah. They won’t succeed and you’re a waste of my time.” He pushed Octavius roughly to the ground and stepped to the cart. He picked up a handful of the rotten vegetables and tossed them at the monk. “Rubbish again! I don’t know why they continue to take pity on you when all you ever bring them is trash! We are already overloaded with trash!” Edgar moved his leg just enough to get the guard’s attention. “Ho, ho, Friar! You are in trouble now!” He pulled Edgar from the rot and laid him on the ground gently. “What say you of this?”


  1. I like to think of the 2014 NaNoWriMo experience as an “almost-won” year, not in terms of a fail. Let’s go with that, okay?
    I’m not even to 31k yet, but oh well! These are 21,000+ words I didn’t have written as of Halloween. 🙂


    • I wrote 31K before NaNo ever started. It was my excuse to further my novel along, even though I know it’s going to take more than 80k to finish it. I’m just surprised at how badly I did, lol.

      And you’re right. I’ve got 6,000 more words than I did when I started and created a new sinister character. Thanks for the pep talk!

      Liked by 1 person

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