Countdown to 500 (#3)

So, with post 497, it’s stat review time!! 497 posts is no easy feat, and there are some golden nuggets hidden along the way.

For example, did you know that on Groundhog Day 2013, I had 478 views, 350 visitors, and 112 comments over the post that earned the Freshly Pressed status?

It has now had 1,907 views!

Here’s a recap of that story:

She said she loved the train. In the next breath, she said she loved me. Odd that we were on the wrong side of the train to catch it. If she really loved the train, she would have made sure we were on the right side, but we weren’t.

Look. I’m getting repetitious already.

She had that effect on me. Momma always said to be careful with the four-letter words. Use them to make an impact she would say. Corrine used four-letter words a lot.

I don’t think she always meant them.

Momma would say she was bad but I couldn’t help having feelings for her. She was pretty, though some might say she was a bit on the plain side. Besides her bad habit of using four-letter words, she was nice enough. She liked helping other people. She’d helped that old couple by the train get across the tracks.

She said she loved the train.

Why didn’t she stay on the right side to catch it? Why were we standing here on the slippery cobblestone embracing? Didn’t she realize her weight pulled me forward, making balance quite the task?


She loved the train. She loved me. Which is true, which is false? Are neither true? Could both be false? Momma always said to be careful with four-letter words. Use them to make an impact, she would say. Corrine used four-letter words a lot.

I don’t think she always meant them.

Momma says people who waste four-letter words are bad. Not worth the ground they walk on, she would say. The ground was so slick.

Letting go was the easy part.

This was the wordpress daily prompt picture I had for inspiration:

photo courtesy of Cheri Lucas

I took up the challenge of lots of different writing prompts. This one, with the idea to scare you in 160 words or less, is the second most commented post:

There’s blood on the walls, but its been there for years. No one knows how it got there, but on a dark night like this one, you can hear the screams.

I’ll ask you again, did it work?

From post 1 to this one, many stories came to be. Some were single entries, some were contest entries, some were guest posts, and some started out as single entries then grew a life of their own.

A few more of the most popular posts:

Magic Carpet Ride

Of Fairies and Fireflies ( a poem)

A 3rd place contest winner: Business as Usual

Flip Flop Fiction, which involved co-authoring a mixed up fairy tale, like this one: Hooked, written with Kirsten Piccini.

100 word shorts, like this one.


500 is a lot. The words above the squigglies are exactly 500 words, too.

Win my book. Here’s how!

1 lucky commenter will win a signed paperback copy and 5 lucky commenters will win a copy of the ebook.

Yes, you read that right. Six (6) lucky My Write Side fans will win a copy of my debut story. If you’ve ever wondered what a rejected engagement ring does to gain acceptance, you need wonder no more. This book follows a fascinating chain of events that will horrify you even as you find yourself rooting for the ring to come full circle.

And it can be YOURS, just by doing this one simple thing. Comment, comment, comment. There will be a total of five (5) posts this week. You have four chances to comment. The more you comment, the greater your chances to win! On the 5th day, the 500th post, I will announce the 6 lucky winners.

So please, take a moment and say “hi,” and have a piece of cake. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow, when I share more fun 500s!!

Thanks for coming by!






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