Wednesday Writers Wisdom: The Face of Fear

Last week, we had an incredible interview with author Jessie Bishop Powell. Her debut mystery, Marriage in the Rue Morgue, came out today!!

At the end of her interview, I asked “What’s your worst writing fear?” I ended up going to Facebook and asking there, too.

And the answers are today’s



The answers varied across the internet:

Stacey of Stacey’s Mothering Moments says: “That I suck. Plain and simple.” (She doesn’t.)

Dominique Goodall describes her worse fear as “losing all my creativity in describing new worlds.”

“My biggest fear is the thought of my characters not coming to life for my readers like they do for me. I hope my writing does them justice.” A.L. Mabry

Carrie of The Muse Unleashed had this to say: “Biggest fear: that I will never finish my damn book!” (I know this fear!)

“Screwing up the plot line in a series and leaving readers going WTF that isn’t what you said two books ago!” Shannon McRoberts of  My Epic Lore.

Renee says: “That everyone else will think my writing is as terrible as I sometimes do.” (It’s not!)

“My greatest fear is readers hating the work. Or worse, being indifferent to it. It’s all for them, you know. If they don’t like it, then … what am I doing?” Elizabeth Yon.

English teacher Eric Moore says: “After polishing something and sending it off, full of pride and confidence, getting it back all slashed up in red ink. That or losing a large body of work to technical error.”

“To look foolish. In anything I do my greatest fear is appearing foolish….which is pretty stupid when you think about it.” Lydia Harris

And finally, from Kimberly Rues, who blogs at Rubber Chicken Madness says her greatest fear in writing is “That I won’t be able to adequately communicate what I’m trying to say.”

I take from this that our greatest fear as a writer really seems to come from within. Self-doubt is a big one.

Now that you’ve seen ours, won’t you share yours?

And next week, we have a guest post from the inspiring Cassidy Frazee. You won’t want to miss that!!

Tell us what you think! Don’t be shy!

And thanks for stopping in!



  1. I’m just afraid I’m simplynot talented enough to have words worth reading. (That turns into “I’ll never finish”, “I’m not smart enough to be an author”, “I’m just kidding myself” etc but it all stems from a feeling of just not being good enough.)


    • But you are good enough. We all feel that way about our writing. I’ve found that the pieces I think suck the most are the ones everyone else likes the best. Just keep on writing and we will keep reading.


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