Fly Paper

The naturally created open circle in the middle of the woods behind Magicenta, the local magic school, became the perfect hangout for overachieving students. On any given day, you could find Carl, Charlie, Jeremy, and Hazel dangling from tree limbs, making leaves dance from the ground. Today was no exception. The only difference about this day was that the only person dangling from a tree limb was the new guy, Dennis. The other four stood on the ground, watching keenly as Carl made a paper airplane.

He casually made the last fold and, with a flick of his wrist, sent the airplane soaring between the trees. Dennis looked down from his tree limb.

“I can do it better.” He said, straightening his too long black tie and leaping gracefully from the tree. He landed on both feet with cat-like agility. Thirty – seconds later, he’d turned a second piece of paper into a fighter jet and sent it sailing into the treetops.

Carl picked up his paper airplane and pressed its folds smooth. “You might make a fancier plane, but can you fly it?” He challenged.

A chorus of “I dare you’s” from the other three teens echoed through the circle, bouncing off one tree trunk to another.

“Of course I can,” Dennis said. His eyes narrowed as he looked at the four. “The question is, can you?”

Magic wands waved in the air but nothing happened. Everyone held their breath.

“You do understand what we mean?” Hazel said softly. Concern creased her eyes.

“I do.” A smile reached the corner of Dennis’ eyes. “I don’t think you’ll actually do it.”

The quartet, not used to being challenged, met the twinkle in his green eyes with animosity.

“Are you ready to find out?” Jeremy said.

“For real this time!” Charlie demanded.

“On three!” Carl said.

“Wands ready?” Hazel shouted from between them. “Set?” She paused for a moment, looking at both boys intensely. “Go!”

Wands waved. Dust swirled. Dennis and Carl vanished. Paper airplanes rose into the air, a small black dot across one, a bumblebee on the other. Hazel’s wand kicked up a wind that gave Carl a slight edge. Dennis pulled the tip of his plane up, forcing it into Carl’s windstream. Charlie produced a small gray cloud that only rained when Dennis’ plane flew beneath it.

The wet plane began to descend, carrying Dennis further from their agreed upon finish line. He stretched out down the center of his plane and let his black jacket catch the wind. “Fly!” He shouted. His coat caught the updraft and carried him upwards in a spiralling climb.

Jeremy’s lips moved. Dennis could feel heat coming from the nose of his plane. Flames shot out. “Faster!” He screamed. The wind in his coat carried him higher and higher, yet the plane turned to ashes quicker than he could climb. Hazel’s wand swung and rain fell over his plane and put out the fire.

“Shame on you, Jeremy!” She shouted. “I won’t have any part of these shenanigans!” She turned, the back of her black jacket fanning out like wings behind her.

Charlie waited at the base of the tree, a giant holding a small strip of paper that made up the finish line. Dennis had just enough plane left to guide upwards but Carl had a sizeable lead on him. The wind disappeared as Carl crossed the finish line. Dennis landed his plane roughly and waited.

Charlie waved his wand over Carl and he returned to his full size.

“Let’s go,” Carl said, pulling Jeremy and Charlie by the arms.

“What about Dennis?” Charlie asked.

“What about him? He seems proficient enough in magic. Let him figure it out. Let’s go.”

A hawk shaped shadow crossed the sun and Dennis trembled. He knew that his small size made him the perfect snack for a large bird. He ran, taking shelter under a leaf in the crook of a tree root. The bird landed two feet away and pecked the ground with its beak.

“Begone Hawk!” A strong and confident female voice yelled. The hawk took flight in the opposite direction. Dennis could hear the crunch of feet on the dead leaves. A tingling sensation fell over him and he grew to his normal height. His eyes locked on Hazel’s deep sea green ones.

“Thank you,” he said.

“Don’t let it go to your head. I don’t know what you did to piss Carl off, but what he did wasn’t right, and that’s the only reason I came back.” She looked at Dennis hard. “This is the only warning you’ll get. Stay far away from us or what happened just now could become reality.In fact, I’d consider transferring to another school. Carl’s never going to go away now. Welcome to Magicenta.”

She disappeared into the woods, leaving him to find his own way out.

“Some welcome indeed.”


pictureitandwrite2copy-1VW-InMonPromoStorch-BadgeTrifecta of prompts, though I missed the deadline for Picture It and Write (picture shown above). I used the Master Class weekly word, “shenanigans”, in conjunction with Inspiration Monday‘s “Cliffhanger.” Join in any or all three.

I welcome and appreciate all feedback. Please share your thoughts in a comment. I’m thinking to continue this one. Should I? What do you think of Hazel?

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