A Little Rivalry Among the Roomies

“Oh yeah?” Bruce said as his burly fingers ripped through Steve’s Raiders jersey. “Well, let’s see what you’ll do about this!” He dropped the tattered jersey at his roommate’s feet.

Steve reached up and pulled the Broncos flag off the wall. His fingers gripped it but the felt refused to tear beneath his fingers.

“Haha!” Bruce laughed. “You’re as weak as your team!”

He knocked the Raiders hat from Steve’s head and stomped on it.

Steve rushed him, shoulders down, and knocked him to the floor.

“You hooligan!” Steve shrieked as his fist connected with Bruce’s jaw. His fingers clawed across Bruce’s arm and tore off a chunk of orange sleeve. His left fist slammed into Bruce’s left eye before Bruce managed to flip him over.

“What’s going on here?” Stacey screamed as she walked in the room loaded with snacks and saw the horror laid out before her. Both men bled profusely from multiple wounds and shredded orange and black added to the carnage scattered across the room. She rolled her eyes, set the food on the table, and straightened her Chiefs jersey. “I can’t leave the room for five minutes without you two getting into a fight!”

She kicked them both before tossing them towels. “I should have known better than to rent rooms to a Raiders fan and a damn Donkeys fan.”

Storch-BadgeThis is a 226 word response to the Master Class weekly word challenge. The word offered by Tara this week was “hooligan.”
I welcome and appreciate your feedback on everything I write. Please share your thoughts in a comment.
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    • Lol my sister in law’s family are Chiefs fans and her sister always posts “beat those stinkin donkeys!” Whenever they play the Broncos.


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