Life Happens

I always feel so guilty when I don’t post for awhile. I worry and fret that I’ll lose readers or that, worse, I’ll busy myself out of writing and it will go stale. It happens more than I want. I have 4 children though, and as the end of the school year approaches,  I find my days shorter because they are packed to the brim.

I have things like this to distract me….

Babysitting the Cap’n
The girl child’s 8th grade formal
A date with Prince Charming who dumps me for a younger woman…
Prince Charming at bat
Rookie is a natural!
A new grandson made his appearance.
A cousin got married


And on top of all THAT, there’s the two trips I took to watch my oldest stepson get sworn in at the Military Entrance Processing Station (and still didn’t happen)…

A family reunion…

Dissembling The Elven Games and inserting chapters through the whole story I have so far…

Finally getting the story I’ve been working on for the Precipice submission done and submitted…

And working on some graphics…

A new header for my writing partner and bff, AL Mabry
A new header for my writing partner and bff, AL Mabry


In addition to her new background and siggy line, I have designed multi-colored business cards for a friend, and I still have Vacation Bible School cards to design. I also have 8th grade math awards to attend this week, as well as kindergarten graduation.


I can promise a new Master Class prompt this week, in addition to a guest post by AL Mabry for the Wednesday Writers Wisdom series. I’m going to attempt a Music A to Z this week too. There’s a story brewing in my head about an old tire rolling on the pavement with an 18 wheeler I’m going to try to put out. And then, of course, there’s the June 21 deadline to have my first draft of The Elven Games finished…

I’m taking a breath now. Life looks a little slower next week, thankfully.

How’s YOUR summer going?


  1. I’m just as busy, distracted and feel like life is happening in fast forward. As Tara says, I have “Graders” now (boys who graduated from Kindergarten on Friday and started camp today) my mom is still trying to sell her houses and their closing in GA is coming up, and I am trying desperately to take it all in without allowing the tears to choke me.

    you have so many GOOD things happening in your world, I think taking a break sometimes is a good, honest, helpful thing.

    love to you and your family. xo


    • I have one more week of kindergarten and one more week of middle schoolers, but I already have one done with school. How does that happen?! my babies grow too fast! LOL

      love to you, too!!


  2. Well you have certainly been busy. I take periods off when things get too much for me. People are still reading. I haven’t forgotten you, but I have missed you!


  3. I’m right there with you. I haven’t posted in weeks and my last post was a book review so nothing too exciting 🙂 I always have great intentions but it’s finding the time! Perhaps something will be posted soon…


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