Music A to Z: This is Epic

I keep meaning to do recaps on Fridays of everything I posted during the week, but I’m so scatterbrained these days, multi-tasking has become a chore. Yeah, I realize that has nothing to do with Music A to Z, however, I must say, for someone who used to have a photographic memory, being scatterbrained is epicly (epically?) annoying. (See what I did there?)

This week is the letter “E” and I’m going with “Epic” as a theme. This means that because of their length, I’m only giving you three songs that are considered epic for various reasons. Are you ready?



Here’s a little bonus track for you from one of my favorite 80’s rock bands…

And that’s this week’s Music A to Z! Want to play along? What’s the No.1 Epic song on YOUR list?


  1. My main memory of Queen before Wayne’s World made them huge (for my generation) was the boy in my class who liked them while we were all busy enjoying the New Kids and Bel Biv Devoe. For the record I thought he was cool before I realized, once the movie came out, that he also had good taste in music 🙂

    I love that Faith No More song. Always have. And Free Bird is always beautiful.


    • I’m a huge fan of Faith No More. it was the first song I thought of for “E” week. I suppose it helps that it was playing on my MP3 player at the time.


  2. I’ve had a bit of a “thing” for Bohemian Rhapsody of late, so it’s very funny that you used it this week!

    I love what you did with the letter “E”. You are so creative! Love the post. Love your choices. Classic AND Epic!


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