Master Class 2014 Volume X

Storch-BadgeIt’s the last week of April and Spring Break is over. I don’t know about you, but I am ready to get back to class and the class assignments. It’s been several weeks since we had one, but our last class gave us four creative takes on the prompt provided by Shannon from Les Grossman’s The Magicians:  “Loosening his tie with one hand, Quentin stepped out into the cold clear winter air and flew.”

Tara’s Host For Hire is an intriguing tale of otherworldliness not soon forgotten:

Quentin had been cooped up in the crypt for three years, I was surprised he was in such good shape. There was a slight green tinge to his skin, and a musty smell that lingered on his clothing, but I could expect no less.

November Rain’s offering of Coffee and Flight leaves you craving for more:

Just before he rounded the corner on West Pine, he heard a child cry. The hair on the back of his neck stood up, but he could not see anyone in distress. His whole body began to tingle, he felt that Twilight Zone feeling coming back.

Shannon answered her own prompt with the beginning of a new story entitled “The Bone Brigade.”

Her head snapped up, and her face, all angles and plains and cheekbones, almost startled him with it’s sudden intensity. Then she dialed it back, shrugged, and gathered her things to leave.

Carrie has been writing Laura’s story for a while and every time she shares a new piece, the mystery always enthralls. The Barn doesn’t disappoint.

“Well that’s good. Do you think-“ Laura broke off as loud crashing came from the surrounding woods. A man stumbled out, his eyes wild and his long tangled hair streaming out behind him. He was screaming but the words were so garbled, Laura had no idea what it was.

I asked Carrie to choose our next prompt. She obliged. Your new challenge for the next 2 weeks (that’s right, by popular request, the Master Class is now biweekly rather than weekly!!) is as follows:




You may use this line either as an opener or as the closer of your story.

Assignments are due by Friday, May 9, at 11:00 PM EST.

The link up is now live!

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