Master Class 2014: An Addendum

Due to the Professor being under the weather,  the Master Class assignment from last week is being continued til Tuesday, March 25, 2014 at 9 pm EST. This means if you were late or had something planned you still have the opportunity to link up, and those who already did are encouraged to link up a new story if they’d like.

Also, I follow this awesome little blog called Bare Knuckle Writer. She’s bold, she brash, and she makes no apologies. She’s also a great wordsmith, and every Monday she issues a writing challenge. The most recent challenge involved “dumping the contents of your character’s bag” and using the items contained within as a tool for character development. She made the fine point that character can be determined solely based on what one carries . (Hmmm. I wonder what my purse says about me. It’s mostly empty…)

I can also remember one of the early writing assignments a little spot on the internet called The Red Dress Club (better known as Write On Edge, now) put out. I can probably even find the story I answered the prompt with. It also involved dumping out my character’s purse and listing everything within it. I’m not sure what exactly was learned about my character from this, but it was a fun exercise nonetheless that really made me dig into my protagonist’s character and draw it out.

I realized I have this long story about a boy named Edgar, and Tribba has recently put supplies in his bag, but I never stopped to discuss the supplies. I think I missed a key opportunity to shed some light on more of Edgar’s personality by doing so.

I type all of that just to say, I want to offer my Master Class pupils a challenge. I want you to take your most famous or your current WIP’s protagonist, and I want you to characterize him/her/it by “Dumping out the purse.” It can be a scene that is well-frequented (perhaps they are in the bedroom a lot. Why? What is it about the room that characterizes the MC?) or a bag, a lunch basket, etc. It’s your choice, but I’d like to see you do it within 200 words or less.

You can link up these new pieces in the same link up as the current live one, or you can post the links in the comments. I’d love to meet these new sides of your characters.

Are you up for the Master Class challenge?


  1. […] SAM at My Write Side challenged her readers to do a short character study by describing the things you would find in their handbags (or purse, backpack – whatever). The only character I have that I could use was Hannah. I hope I’ve shed some light on her. […]


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