TMT: A Cover Story

Everybody loves to sing. Some people do it better than others, and sometimes, they do it better than the original singer.

That’s exactly what this week’s mixtape is all about–our favorite covers.

Now, I watch a lot of singing shows. I hear a lot of covers. Most of them are pretty good. And you know what?

There’s the theme. Are you ready?

I missed the entire first season of this show, but once I caught it, I was hooked. I have shed as many tears as the cast has, hoped for love, wanted to hide the pain, and could take out stock in kleenex with the way this show has touched me. The hardest moments were goodbyes, but those goodbyes produced some of the most amazing covers.

Have you figured out that I’m talking about Glee yet?

Chris Cofer’s voice is simply amazing and while he has so many performances to choose from, this is one of my favorites, not only because of the scene, but because of the artist they honored after her untimely demise…


I spent an hour boohooing through the most heartbreaking show I have ever watched. The tribute show Glee did for Cory Monteith was a gut puncher. It’s hard to choose which song got me the most, but the tough as nails Santana’s openly emotional rendition of one of my favorite songs will not soon be forgotten.


Up until the past couple of years, I have always watched American Idol. It’s produced some of my favorite singers, performing some of my favorite songs.

Here’s the most popular, and one of my top 5 favorites performers of all time, and this was perhaps her best performance that sealed her fate, never mind that it was her version of Bless the Broken Road I walked down the aisle to…


A couple of seasons later, the man who would go on to be the winner performed the best cover of a song I discovered from the soundtrack of Hope Floats, one of my all time favorite movies. He’s never had the success of Carrie Underwood, but his version of this Bob Dylan song is the best I’ve ever heard.


I’ve confessed my love for this song, though I’ve never really cared for Miley Cyrus even in her Hannah Montana days. This singer didn’t win the title, but I’d give her first prize for her cover of Miley’s song. Her voice is much better suited to the song, in my humble opinion.


A new singing competition filled an empty slot in the recent past. It was hosted by Nick Lachey. I missed the first season, but happened to catch the opening rounds of The Sing Off this past season. A country group called Home Free performed an acapella version of “Cruise” and found a place on my playlist with it. I have no idea who won the season, but it didn’t matter.


Now, The Voice has become my top favorite show. It’s not just the songs, it’s the way the coaches interact with each other, the funny things they say to beat each other out on the best voices they hear. It’s the way everyone with a voice has a chance. Season 4 gave us the first duo to make it to the final round. Several of the covers this duo performed are on my playlist, and it’s not just because I enjoy country.  Their crooning on an Eagles favorite soothed my soul and forever etched them a place on my playlist.


There are just so many performances on The Voice, I have to give you a bonus track. This is yet another of my favorite songs, and while I’m not sure that I would say this version is better than Robert Smith’s, it’s certainly caliber to 311’s. I leave you with Love Song, as performed by Team Adam, Season 4.


And that is another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday hosted by Jen Kehl of My Skewed View.

Share your favorite covers!


By the way, my first interview as a published author is live on my publisher’s blog. Just click here to read it.


  1. Loved. Loved. Loved. I have been a shameless Glee fan since season one. And was the person calling everyone saying “Have you seen Glee??!!” Sadly I have missed the last two seasons because no DVR. But I will catch up when they hit Netflix! I loved everything about this list! Did you watch Rockstar INXS? That was an awesome one too!


  2. I remember watching Carrie Underwood sing that song during her season and thought she did an incredible job. There’s something about “I Have Nothing” that when sung well, is always guaranteed to either tear my eyes up or completely sob.


  3. oh I loved all these songs, such beautiful renditions of each original. I had never heard the Kris Allen but I do like it, not as much as Garth Brooks version (it’s still my favorite) but wow it’s beautiful. The lyric of “To Make you Feel My Love” is a constant favorite, it’s the ultimate long song next to Shameless.

    and “I Can’t Tell You Why” is another favorite of mine, I had never heard this version but it’s just stunning.

    thanks for another peek inside you my friend, I am loving your musical journey .


    • I like Garth’s version too, but for me Allen wins this one. I like Adele too but abhor her cover of the song. Im glad you enjoyed this mixtape. I could probably do 2 or 3 more on the same topic.


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