Master Class 2014 Volume VII

Storch-BadgeHello class. It was so good to see all the returning faces last week! Steph gave us such a great prompt, hmm? There were no restrictions in the writing last week, just to use the line somewhere in your story. The prompt given came from the middle left page, center line of At Night We Walk in Circles by Daniel Alarcon. That fabulous line was “Out of breath, he dropped both arms to his side, still gripping the knife in his left hand.”

Eight writers linked up, all with their own creative take on the line. Such excellent reading this week, I really hope you’ll take a moment to visit them all.

A Square of White Cotton is an interesting tale that begins with a man under observation but ends with a breathtaking twist that will leave your heart racing. Here’s a little tease from Kelly’s masterpiece:

A bedroom. The man Phillip in his bed, asleep. A crystal vase on the nightstand. A single red rose.

“He sleeps with the light on?”

Carolyn nodded. “He’s terrified of the dark.”

In The Adventures of Merrill Thermopolis, we are taken on an adventure with the title character to Zimbabwe, where dangers of all kinds await a boy with an imagination. K~ took on a new type of writing, but still weaves her beautiful imagery throughout:

He imagined it might be the mystical mermaid snake, confined to this body when it was on land. He wondered if that was why it had two heads, one was really a snake, and the other might be the mermaid.

K~ linked up with a second story (overachiever anyone? I love it!) that makes you question what you thought you knew about people and love. The dialogue is so very well written, so very real, you’ll feel as if you are eavesdropping. Check out Business is Business for yourself:

“What about people loving each other, and wanting to spend time with each other? Are you that hard-hearted that you can’t see that it makes a difference? People can love unconditionally you know,” Kristy said as she stood up and started pacing the room.

Sacrifice is yet another thrilling excerpt from Amanda Lynn’s work in progress. Pain and suffering are felt in this beautifully written piece. Here’s a sample:

Thunder clapped above them, and the skin on Kitty’s arms rose in gooseflesh. Something was amiss. The air around her felt…wrong

Have you been reading the Professor’s ongoing serial, The Elven Games? It’s up to 24 now (which is really 26). This week’s Master Class prompt allowed for a brilliant continuation that added a whole brood of new characters to the story as one brother tells of his village’s defeat to another. Here’s a line or two from the story that should hook you:

A bolt of lightning struck from within the trees and the portcullis cracked in two. Black armored bodies charged from the treeline, crashed through the wounded gate, and began battle with the waiting soldiers.

Much to my delight, Tara has begun a serial of her own. The Master Class prompt added another segment to this fantasy that will leave you enthralled. Would you like a taste of the goodness contained in Conspirators?

Slowly waking, Ráfa was shocked to find himself in a familiar bedchamber. Naked and bloodied, fear eclipsed the searing pain wracking his every orifice. It was terror greater than anything he felt as a child, hiding from the monster who came for him at night.

With such delight, I found Troy had linked up again this week. I’m a huge fan of Troy and his writing so I was really glad to see him link up. His story of a war weary soldier suddenly not willing to carry out his task tugged at my heart and stayed with me, even today. It’s a haunting tale told excellently with so few words you really can’t miss. Here’s why:

Yes, I’d killed before. But this was different. These, mere civilians.


And because his few words continued to haunt me, I asked him to choose the prompt for this week. I offered him no instructions, giving him free reign to choose whatever he deemed best. He, in return gave me three choices, from which I chose the following two for you to decide on this week:




Now you have choices. You can either use BOTH prompts within your story, or choose just one. Either way you go, the line(s) can be used anywhere within your story. And remember, all genres and all lengths are accepted.

You have until Tuesday, March 11, 2014 at 9:00 pm EST to link up.

The linkup is now live!


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