TMT: When I Said I Do

I am so excited to share this week’s mixtape! The theme is LOVE, and I have been planning this one ever since I saw it.

Back in 2009, I got married. We payed for and planned the whole thing ourselves, in a beautiful community center, with an ordained friend, and the help of a lot of friends, the wedding was (almost) perfect.


I made my own programs, my mom helped with the decor and flowers, and a friend helped set it all up…

stephjames 331stephjames 399stephjames 295

We were dressed to the nines…

stephjames 213

We had cake…


Most of all, we had fun…

stephjames 397

May I cut in?
May I cut in?

stephjames 063

But when it was all said and over, and we had said our goodbyes…

stephjames 411

Our guests left with treasures in their hands (and our disposable cameras!). To show our love for each other and to entertain our guests, I put together…can you guess?…a little CD of our favorite songs for our guests to take home. It included the songs we used during our ceremony and reception, as well as songs that we just both loved or that made us think of each other when we heard them. Wondering what was on it?

Wonder no more!

The wedding party made their way down to the flowered arch quicker than expected. Perhaps that’s because they marched to

I soon followed, taking my time (and watching tears form in my soon-to-be husband’s eyes) and thinking about how blessed I was, at that very moment.

We forgot our lines, fumbled through the I Do’s and had our first kiss as a married couple. What better song to exit to than this one?

Then it came time for our first dance. Since we couldn’t agree on one song, we used two.

He had dedicated this one to me early in our relationship…

Lots of song came to mind when I thought of him, but I wanted the one for our wedding to be special. Sara Evans provided that for me.

We knew as we headed out the door to begin our new lives together that we were headed for a

I absolutely can’t end this mixtape without this last song. It made it onto our wedding CD but wasn’t played at our wedding. If I had to sum our 10 years of togetherness up in one song, this is the one I would choose…

And that, friends, is another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday brought to you by My Skewed View.



  1. so…It’s Your Love is my Karaoke song!
    I love all the 90’s country in this mix, I started loving country music in the late 80s and have never stopped, even when I forget I’ll hear a song (heard the Dixie Chicks on Howard Stern this morning and thought, I’m going to play them all day today)

    but I also loved all the pics and poetry about your wedding day. What a beautiful bride you were (ARE!) and what a gorgeous day you made from programs to first kisses.

    I loved all these song, Sara Evans, Cross My Heart, Bless the Broken Road, such gorgeous lyrics to start to life.

    love you. xo


    • I’m glad you enjoyed it. Bless the Broken Road was the first song I thought of that never changed in the 5 years of wedding planning I had. Funny, the colors and everything but my dress were so different from anything I had planned prior, lol.

      XOXO. Always love seeing your beautiful face.


    • Thanks. When my marriage took a bad turn, playing the CD helped remind us of the love we had and what we have built. It was also a lot of fun!


  2. Something tells me that me thinks you like country music to some extent! 🙂 (Pssst! I listen to it too upon occasion!) Looks like your wedding and the events after made for an absolutely great day. Just think, in thirty years, you can look back on it and have your grandchildren tell you how corny the music was! lol Great list!


    • To be honest, the only music I’ve never really gotten into is death metal and rap. Our wedding was very country heavy until it was time to dance, but that’s for another mixtape. 😉


  3. Minus all the songs that make me want to tear my heart out of my chest so I don’t have to have the feels . . .

    I love this. The secret little romantic girl inside of me loves all the songs, and the events and thoughts you associate with each one.

    Also, your wedding was spectacularly beautiful. I absolute love the pink and black.


  4. Oh my gosh I love this! And your wedding was soooo beautiful! I feel like a total flake, you did an amazing job with this. Of course you did, because it’s like an homage to your wedding. The songs are perfect. It’s all perfect!


    • Aw, shucks, Jen. Thanks. My wedding was a lot of fun, and I’m a bit proud of it since just about every aspect of it we had a hand in doing ourselves. 🙂


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