TMT: I’ll Be There For You

This week I’m making a feel good mixtape. I’m a peacemaker at heart, and as a Pisces, I’m also very empathetic. It really gets me down when a friend is feeling the blues. That being sad, I have a number of go-to songs to cheer myself up. They range in genre from Pour Some Sugar on Me (because you can’t help but sing along no matter what!) to Shitlist (you know you have one!) to funny (Pretty Fly for a White Guy) to country (Cruise).

The problem is there are rules to this game. We are supposed to keep it to five songs. Tough, but I managed to put a few together. If you need a boost, I hope at least one of these will make you smile.

From the opening verse, throughout the whole songs, it’s no wonder it’s so popular. I love the folksy sound of this song, and it never fails to cheer me up.

Even if you couldn’t see the guys in the video (which always seem to be fun filled), you can’t deny the lyrics. Besides, what girl could resist a sexy male voice telling her to “get your shine on?” It’s also kinda hard to be down when the intro makes you start moving.

You know you’re beautiful, right? yeah, sometimes I need to hear it too.

I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time doing anything but wallowing when I’m down. This song pretty embodies that whole do nothing sentiment. Plus? The video makes you laugh.

I love P!nk. I think I could probably find a song for every mood from P!nk. She’s just that awesome. Today, though, she gives you a little reminder.

There’s one more song I have to share with you to cheer you up. It’s a little slower than the others, but it always lifts me out of any funk I’m in.

If I lay here
If I just lay here
Would you lie with me and just forget the world?

Well, I feel better. I hope you do, too. What songs cheer you up?

And that’s another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday.



    • Thanks. I’ve been looking for the perfect mix to stick that song on and this week was the one. It really is one of my favorites.


  1. This is an amazing mix. There is something about Phillip and the way that song seems like it’s in one place and then lifts you up. I remember when he was on American Idol he totally bucked all convention. It was amazing but he made HIS music, and his music is good, and that alone can put a smile on my face!


    • Yes, and I wish he’d do more songs like Home. Gone, Gone, Gone is okay but he’s folksy and they need to let his light shine. He would have much more success if they did.


  2. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT? No Friends theme song? I saw the title and NO FRIENDS THEME SONG!

    *Storms out, slamming the door*

    (Seriously, I totally enjoyed this mix. Especially Beautiful-I listen to that song a lot when the world has me down. Before I decided on all peppy songs, it was on my original playlist! And Bruno Mars-LOVE THAT GUY!)

    OK I forgive you now… moving on… 😉


    • I promise it was on the draft list and almost made it on the post. I’m glad you enjoyed it anyway! And confession…I’m not generally an Xtina listener, but when I heard the song with the lyrics I just knew it would have to go on my playlist.


  3. ah yes, the lazy song. The song that played on my drive home from my last day of work. Love it when songs become very appropriate for the situation. Never heard of the first 2 songs so thanks for that. 🙂


    • I’m glad you got some new tunes! I like Cruise by Florida Georgia Line just a bit better, but this song was a better fit for the mixtape.


  4. Nice mixtape! When the Lazy Song was popular on the radio, I was still taking my son back and forth for school (now he’s a big boy bus rider). He heard that song and it became his anthem and it made him happy, which made me happy.


    • yes, it is a favorite here too. my kids like the video but we all have a blast popping up and down in the car when it comes on.


  5. I love them all, every single one of them. I feel better just knowing that you love these songs,’s like a great big hug from you in cyberspace. 🙂
    You’re right that Bruno Mars song (I really DIG Bruno Mars) is a keeper for a down day. Esp when you want to stay in pjs and eat junk 😉


  6. I, quite literally, love all of theses songs. Most of them I remember the first time I heard the song or who introduced me to the artist. I don’t watch American Idol, but I remember hearing about how Phil Phillips dealt with Kidney Stones the entire time and all I wanted was for him to win because Kidney Stones are the absolute worst. Then he won and this song hit it big!


    • I didn’t know that about Phillips. I know he battled some illness but I don’t think I ever knew exactly which one. I wanted him to win all along. I wish he would put out more songs like Home.


    • Yeah I had one of those too-long lists, too and actually ended up substituting Shitlist with Beautiful. It just fit the mixtape better. I’m glad I included it.


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