TMT: You Make Me Feel Brand New

Ahhhh. Now that the Ice Age is over, the kidlets are back in school, and I don’t feel like death becomes her, I can get back to the writing routine I started with gusto last Monday. Today’s mixtape offering is about songs that are new to me (or something along that line). Some of these songs were new last year, and some of them were just new to me, as in I’d never heard them until last year (and probably because of the Twisted Mixtape, LOL).

Anyway, in no particular order, my Twisted Tuesday gift to you…

The first song is courtesy of my teenagers. I have three of them. My boys introduced me to the band, which is new to me, even if the song is not. It has become my favorite cover of “Just the Way You Are.”

I don’t know when this group became popular. I’d never heard of them or heard this song, and then I did, and I couldn’t get enough of it. Fortunately, it’s a song everyone loves, so when it comes on, we play it loud.

I have a confession. The only reality shows I enjoy are the voice competition types. My favorite in The Voice. I’m a huge Jacquie Lee and Tessanne Chin fan, so I’m totally happy with this past season’s outcome. I was introduced to a lot of new songs through the show, particularly this one. (and I gotta tell you how incredible this child’s voice is!)

Another song, courtesy of my teens. I can envision using this song at the end of a movie based on one of my creepy stories.

This last song I was introduced to through the Twisted Tuesday Mixtape.

And that’s another Twisted MixTape Tuesday! Enjoy!



    • if it weren’t for Twisted Mixtape introducing me to it, it wouldn’t be here. I like The Cure, but I’m not as familiar with them as I should be. Something to rectify this year.


  1. I am also a huge fan of the music shows! The Voice and The Sing-Off are my faves. This was a great mix, I actually loved all of these songs although a lot were new to me too! Thank you so much for playing, got a lot of great new topics coming up!!
    And yes that video for Sail is VERY creepy!


  2. I only got to listen to the first little bit of that awolnation, but really liking it. Definitely worth checking out further! I’ve always loved I Put a Spell on You and that was a nice version. Very nice mixtape this week!


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