In Time: Antiquities

Sunday I posted Moving On, a continuation of Roderick’s adventure in the modern world. There’s more involving Viola and the airship pirates, but the next scene in her story needs more fluffing, so you get more Roderick. I’m really liking how his character is coming together so far. I hope you do, too. He’s becoming really fun to write! If you want to catch up, just click here and scroll backwards.

Roderick made his way to the antique store by the bank. Pleased to see no one was in it, he opened the door and stood there as the wind jostled the long panels of his coat. He slid the brim of  his stetson down over his forehead again, shielding the metallic side. He pulled a small magnet out of his pocket knowing it would lead him to the next one. Ignoring the shopkeeper and suppressing the magnetic pull on metal objects nearby, he followed the magnetism to the back of the store.

“Excuse me, sir, but you can’t come back here.”

Roderick grunted in response. The shopkeeper raised a beefy hand and placed it on Roderick’s shoulder. “You can’t come back here!” He shouted.

This time Roderick turned and looked at the man. His small stature but beefy body caused Roderick to laugh. “I go wherever I please.” He smacked the man’s hand away and stepped to the back of the storeroom. He discovered a small barrel of magnets sitting on a shelf. He pulled down the barrel and flung its contents into the air.

“Indeed, sir!” the shocked shopkeeper gasped. Roderick watched as the man’s face changed from peach to red within seconds and found it amusing. He kicked the magnets harshly, sending them scattering all across the backroom floor, astonishing the shopkeeper further. “I do say! You will clean it up, or I will call the police!”

Roderick turned the evil eye on the shopkeeper before bending down to pick up a few magnets. He placed them on a small counter next to the magnet he came into the store with. Two of them remained still, one gravitated towards it until it was attached. He put them both in his pocket. He picked up the remaining two magnets, along with a small handful from the floor. He hurled them one by one at the shopkeeper. Two slammed into his eye sockets and embedded themselves there. Three slammed into his chest and out his back until they came to a stop in the wall behind him. The man gasped. A cough sent blood flying from his lips, and he collapsed on the floor, blood pooling beneath him. The bell over the door tinkled as Roderick left the shop and blended with the patrons on the street until he had worked his way back to the train station. He tossed the magnet into the air and stepped through the portal that appeared.

“Father Lee will be pleased,” he said as he disappeared.


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