TMT: Jukebox Junkie

This week, we had no specific theme for our mixtapes. I’m fully in Christmas mode, but once upon a time, I used to sing karaoke, so, for my theme this week, I’m sharing 5 songs, for better or worse, I used to pelt out with a microphone in front of a bunch of drunk strangers.

I generally needed a warm up, which this song was always good for…

I would start slow and usually had no trouble finding an Ozzy to my Lita…

Not evening would pass where I didn’t perform this song at least once (sometimes twice by request) softly:

I think the song most people associated with me however was probably this one, only as a solo…

Or maybe this one, which I actually used to sing to my daughter when she was babe…

There are so many more songs I’d sing, but I think for the purposes of this mixed tape, I’ll close it out with this one, just to get you rockin’ before you go..

And that’s another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday!



  1. I LOVE Karaoke!! I sing all the time, mostly at home in my garage with my mic and studio speakers. BUT, I recently found this Ap from Shmule called “Sing!” and you can sing with people all over the place and it records etc. Fun list. My in public warm-up song is usually KT Tunstall Black Horse and a Cherry Tree or Beatles Come Together.


  2. I’ve never had the guts to do karaoke. Only had the opportunity once that I know of. It was at a place called Pickles Along the Tracks. Isn’t that a great name for a bar?
    Good for you for singing as much as you wanted.


  3. I don’t inflict my singing on others, but my husband’s aunt owned a karaoke bar and we used to love to go listen. My husband deemed Amazed as “our song”, though I’m not sure how it can be when one half of the “our” isn’t really a fan of the song. But I love him, so I let him run with it.


    • Lol! That’s the same reason we didn’t have a typical “first dance” song for our wedding. There was no one song we agreed on, so we picked a neutral song (for another TMT some time) and then dedicated a song to each other.



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