What’s on YOUR List?

Thanksgiving is over. You probably spent more money than you meant to over the weekend, and here it is Cyber Monday, where you will probably spend MORE money you can’t afford to spend (if you are anything like me, anyway.) What’s on YOUR wish list?

I’m actually pretty content with my material possessions, so my list is short and contains needed items like new bedsheets, and some wants like jewelry (because my box is empty), but most of all, I’ve asked for books this year.

There is one book, however, that should be on EVERYONE’S reading list for the holiday (and after). It’s the perfect Cyber Monday purchase, because not only are you getting a good read, but you are supporting an indie author and publishing co with each $1.99 purchase.

What book is that you ask?

It’s MY book, Til Death Do Us Part, of course. The one I’ve been telling you about for months now. It’s finally really real, and you can purchase it today (and gift it too!) so easy, in your choice of format/ereader by following the link. It’s set four days before Christmas, so it’s the perfect holiday read, and can also be enjoyed all year round!

Get your copy now!

You can even get it for your Nook for the same low price.

It is available in paperback now on Createspace and will be available on Amazon soon, too, but in the meantime, if you want a hard copy or a signed copy, all you have to do is click on that contact me form at the top of the page to pre-order yours.

So, what’s on YOUR list?

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