TMT: Take Me Higher

Happy Thanksgiving y’all. i know I promised another installment about my airship pirates, but I have to get this mixed tape out of the way first. You see, this week’s theme is to create a mixtape based on songs that could land us in jail…like Carrie Underwood taking a Louisville Slugger to her boyfriend’s car. This is fun and I needed a break from all the seriousness of NaNoWriMo, motherhood, and Thanksgiving. My mom, who usually hosts, decided she wasn’t this year, so I’m up to my ears in turkey, spiral ham, and pie, pie, pie.

I know the song that the title to the post belongs to isn’t a jailbird bound type of song, but it does say “Take me higher” That could cover a multiple drug base, honestly. 😉 So without further ado (but probably a bunch of chatter), I present my Twisted Mixtape Tuesday. Enjoy!

What better way to start a mixtape about crimes then a song full of multiple crimes and a catchy beat too?

Ah, Bo Duke. How I would have loved escaping the law in the General Lee with you!

Here is a title that would have the silver bracelets clamped tight around your wrists. The video is pretty fun to watch, too.

Stalking will get you jailtime if you’re caught, and no one, I mean no one, does stalker song quite like Robert Smith and The Cure. (Warning: you may want to turn your volume down at about the 1:50 mark.) Turn around…turn around…

The title qualifies this funky song for this mixtape, but so do the lyrics.

Bonus selection:

No words needed, but I felt my mixtape would be incomplete without this one.

And that’s another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday



  1. You caught my attention with the Cure, but I loved Kleptomaniac Girlfriend – never heard it before and very catchy and fun! Thanks!


  2. That’s the only STYX song I can stomach and it’s perfect for this list. Great choices with The Cure and THe Duke Boys


    • Same here, but after dismissing Goodbye Earl and another song, I remembered it. I still have a crush on Bo Duke, too.


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