in Time: Let There Be Pirates

I’ve slowly been plugging away at NaNo this year. After 3 years of victory, I’m not convinced that I will actually meet the 50K by Sunday at this point. I’m okay with that, however, as the story I’m working on has developed and fleshed itself out, and even brought in a couple of new characters. Once upon a time, before I created The Elven Games, the most popular story on my blog was this one. I chose to complete this story for NaNo, because Viola deserves an ending. You won’t find the Time Keeper in this segment, as this takes place after he is thrown from the train, however, over the next few days, as I share a little more, you will meet interesting new characters. Please, share your thoughts in the comments because when the story is finished being written, I will have to begin editing and I really want to know what works.

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Red swam before Viola’s eyes and she became afraid. Her fury was trying to take over, and if she let it, none would be left alive on the airship. She also feared what would become of her if she gave in to the rage. The circumstances justified her rage, however, so she let it stew, and brew, until she learned to control it. Wicked thirst overpowered the rage too often, however, and she grew discouraged. The airship needed to touch the ground so she could unleash what was eating her inside. The captain, Jonas Dedlock, came by often enough to taunt her, always checking her ropes to ensure there would be no escape.

If only he really knew what I am, she thought, he would be afraid, very afraid. His face pirouetted through her mind. His neck hung at an odd angle and blood flowed freely from two punctures on his jugular. She shivered the image away. Such power, I don’t understand it. I don’t understand why they chose me! The dark skinned woman’s face floated in front of Viola’s eyes. She still did not understand who this woman was or why she was important. She sensed the woman was a good, yet evil, person and her warnings should be taken seriously. She warned against Father Lee, but Viola had no choice. She felt less trapped here on the airship than she had with Father Lee. The boiling of her vampyric blood within her gave her a sense of more freedom than Father Lee had. Father Lee would pay. She knew not when or how, only that he would, and by her hand. She turned her rage toward Father Lee and took pity on the air pirates. Perhaps, like she, they were only pawns doing Father Lee’s bidding as well.

“Aye, lass. How you be?” The captain poked his head down the stairs, a strange smile glistening on his scruffy surface. Viola noticed his dimples for the first time. “Twon’t be much longer before we land.” The rest of his body emerged behind his head. He stepped close enough she could smell the rum on his breath. An instinctive snarl curled her lips, but she fought it and smiled instead.

“I’m okay. I would be better if I were untied.”

“Nay. I can’t do that. I was warned what would happen if we let you roam the ship loose.” He put a dirty finger to her lips and traced them. His own lips curled into a snarl. “Such beauty wasted.” His hands disappeared behind her back and she felt him tighten the knots securing her.

“I won’t hurt anyone. It’s not you that I have a taste for.”

His soft brown eyes sparkled for a moment. “Never trust a woman with fire in her eyes, I tell my men all the time. What kind of captain would I be if I didn’t follow my own advice, hmm?” He leaned in close again and traced her cheek this time. She could smell the spice of his natural musk. Gold rimmed goggles decorated his forehead, and his chestnut brown curls fell over the sides of the gold headband that secured them. A small, thin strap of leather held his hair off his shoulders. The curls that framed his face as a result revealed a sensitivity his gruffness tried to hide. He lifted his face slightly and buried his nose in her hair. He was so close his saber poked her shin and she could feel the outline of his pistol baldric against her back. He inhaled deeply before he stepped away.

“Perhaps in another lifetime,” he said, releasing the lock of her hair he discovered in his fingers, “your bewitching beauty would be my demise, but today, you belong to the great Desmond Lee, whom, as much as I despise, I dare not cross. My apologies, lass, but bound you will remain– for your safety as well as ours.” Viola let her eyes roam up and down his body, slowly taking in as much of his appearance as she could. Strange black markings decorated the arm not hidden under an arm bracer and disappeared under the lace-edged sleeve of his white linen shirt, which revealed a few wisps of brown curls peeking out from the large half-moon that had been left untied on his chest. Her fingers itched with the desire to caress and twirl them. Heat rose to her cheeks and she dropped her eyes to the skull and crossbones that topped his black cavalier boots.

“Never have I seen such a pirate as you,” she whispered, “as handsome and dashing as he is deadly. Tell me, what hold does Father Lee have on you that you would kill for him?”

“Such is the life of a pirate; we are mercenaries for hire. We live for the gold and the violence. We care not who pays as long as we get paid.” He shook his head. Whatever his history was, he did not want to share. He leaned in close once more, just close enough that she could smell his blood pumping through his jugular, but not close enough for her to bite, not that she wanted to anymore. “Beautiful women,” he whispered, “come with price tags of their own.”


Thanks for stopping by and reading. Writing is only half as fun without an audience so I thank you.

Please, please share your thoughts as the story progresses, good or bad. It will make the editing process much easier.


  1. Pirates… in the air? And vampires too??! Oh my. I definitely need to read more of this story, I’m hooked. 😀
    You’ve got some good descriptions here, you set the scene well, and the interaction between the two flows smoothly. Can’t see anything that needs to be addressed. Good stuff.


    • Thanks! It was sweet of you to come over from FB. It wasn’t my intention, LOL. I’m just boggled by the amount of followers vs. comments ratio.


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