TMT: Stories in Song

When I first read the theme for this week, I immediately threw out practically my entire list of favorite songs. Then, I started reading through and listening to the other mixtapes and realized…wait!! I have songs like this. No promises that I can tell a story with them this week (like I did last week), but they tell stories themselves so….

The video got me first and the story kept me coming back. This one is self-explanatory and I would think every woman hopes her man thinks of her this way…

I’ve been a Carrie Underwood fan since she first appeared on American Idol many years ago. I have owned every one of her albums, and while Play On holds most of my favorites, it was between a song better saved for another mixtape and this one, as far as stories go.

This one talks about domestic violence and is presented from a child’s point of view. It just gets me every time, and it reminds me that we never know what is happening behind closed doors, but when we do, and we let it go on, we are just as guilty as the perpetrator…

I’m not all country, however, and this next song is proof. I’ve never understood the purpose behind dying young, and it’s captured perfectly in this story of two best friends with a tragic ending…

No mixtape about stories is complete without this song (and I hope I haven’t used it before, but if I have, its just that good!) I usually tend to associate my state with this song because I have left several times and find myself right back where I started from, much like the character in this song…

Bonus track: Because Freddie Mercury is awesome and so is this story…

and that’s another Twisted Mixtape Tuesday…


  1. I can’t believe you were the first to bring Hotel California to the party. You are right, no Epic mix is the same without it. I really love this list, I have a trouble with the tragic songs, so I only listen a little, sorry. But I over-empathize and then it ruins my whole day. But that’s how you know it’s a great song! Thank you so much for playing again!


    • I dont know why I tend toward the tragic songs, LOL. I guess the whole “somebody done somebody wrong” appeals to me, maybe because I’ve been done wrong so many times, LOL. I foresee a kelly clarkson making it to a Twisted MixTape soon.


  2. Hotel California is one of the few Eagles’ songs I really love, though I’ve always preferred the version from Hell Freezes Over (with the nice acoustic intro) to the original. And I could listen to Bohemian Rhapsody anytime. I kinda became a teaching tool with my son when we’d hear it in the car and he’d ask me who certain people or things were in the song.


  3. I am so glad when I know that I’d sit in your kitchen and be happy to share you music with you…along with a cup of tea or slice of cheesecake. 😉

    The Eagles almost made my list, I love Hotel California and while Bohemian Rhapsody is not a favorite song of mine, it is a great story song and fits this list for sure.

    Very nice list my friend. I’m humming along.


    • There honestly aren’t many Queen songs I like, but BH has always been a favorite. There’s just something about the way the song is put together (the slow haunting sound, followed by the sharp staccato) that grabs me.


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