Heads Will Roll

“Is this the spot? Is this where she died?” Tanna asked. Her right index finger pointed to a group of trees clustering so tightly together the sun couldn’t penetrate through them.

Kaley pulled her cape closer to her body and shivered before responding. “I think so. Hang on a second.” She turned her body in a slow 360, closing her eyes, and opening her senses. “It was too dark to see anything that night. The aroma of fresh dirt and balsam surrounded me. Wet moss sent shivers up my spine. Tree trunks flaked off under my touch.” Her hands reached out and touched the trees nearest her. “Yes, this is the place. I can smell the leaf rot that never seems to leave.”

Kaley opened her eyes. “Let’s camp here and wait for nightfall.”

“You sure you want to stay?”

“Oh yes. I have to know what happened. I have to!” Urgency and wont raced through Kaley’s eyes. Her heartbeat quickened as the sun sank lower in the sky. “At least we don’t have long to wait.”

The sun sank out of sight. Balsam and pine filled the night air. An unusual silence surrounded them. The snapping of a twig just beyond their tent made them catch their breath.

“Who is it?” Tanna whispered. Fear caused her to choke on her words.

“I don’t know,” Kaley answered. “Why don’t you look?”

Tanna’s eyes rounded. “No! You look!” Her voice grew louder.

“Shhh! Maybe if they can’t hear us, they can’t see us!”

Another twig snapped and the girls embraced each other, their combined shivering shaking the darkened tent.

“Kaley! I’m scared!”

“Tanna, shush!”

Quiet shuffling came from just outside the tent. A shadow rose against the far wall. Tanna swallowed hard.

“It’s a zombie!”

“There’s no such thing as zombies, Tanna.”

Moaning broke the silence like a firecracker bursting open in the sky.

“It’s a ghost!”

“There’s no such thing as ghosts!”

“No? Then who, no, what is out there?” Tanna broke from Kaley and inched backwards.

“Well, you won’t shush, so how should I know?” Kaley rose and moved towards the front of the tent. She unzipped the flap and prepared to raise it. “Look! There’s nothing…”

Tanna screamed as an arm shot through the opening with a machete attached to the end of it. It sliced quickly through the air and Kaley’s head rolled from her body.

“You’re next!”


This week’s Write at the Merge prompt challenged us to write a story to send a tingle up and down their spines in 400 words or less. Did it work?

I welcome and appreciate all honest feedback. Please share your thoughts in a comment.

Thanks for stopping in and Happy Halloween!



  1. OH MY Go…..!!!!!
    If we were in the woods and you were telling me that story, I would be screaming by now. But it was well written and creepy.

    “You’re next”…awesome way to end it. (Pun intended)



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