He was a super hero of epic proportions, an invincible creation from the mind of a crazed genius, until he met his match. The battle raged, the truth he soon learned, that good does not always overcome evil. She put him in pine six feet underground, and covered him up, left him behind. He emerged, hours later, a phantom of himself. The scientist fixed him all up, and he battled the she-villain again. Magic she wove, magic he dodged, until the tide had turned. He quickly tossed her in jail and threw away the key. Victory, at last, was his.


100 words for three prompts and it only took me three days to write. 100 Word Challenge: invincible. Write on Edge: pine. Trifecta: phantom in it’s 3rd definition.

I love feedback and honest critique. Always feel free to share your thoughts on my writing in a comment.

Thanks for stopping in!



  1. An epic battle of epic proportions. But then good vs evil will bring that on. He threw away the key… I like that line. And congrats, Sam, on the book, and the story in the other book. You rock star, you!


  2. A twist on a twist on a twist!
    Some concrit:
    The prompt needs to be a noun, and here it’s an adjective, but not hard to fix. Also, overcome without the ‘s’ : )


  3. I don’t know, this is very good. The flow and speed of it is good. Maybe it’s because I had watching “THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS” with the boys this week, but it reminded me a little of Sally and her captor.

    Nice descriptions.


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