Master Class Summer Edition #4

Storch-BadgeSummer session is well on its way though the students seem to be dropping like flies, the Professor included (although I DID start this really cool stalker story…). There were four faithful students this week who all churned out incredible pieces from a very difficult prompt. Our newest class member, Doodle, got to choose the last prompt. After much deliberation she chose D.M. Cornish’s Monster Blood Tattoo Book 1: Founding and it’s opening line “Rossamund was a boy with a girl’s name.” The students were allowed to use the line anywhere in their story.

Lexy gave us Underdog, a well-crafted story about a Character who bullies bullies.

Renee weaved three prompts together and linked up with her fantastic story, First Impression. This is a continuation of another story she started and I must say I need to find the rest, it intrigued me so much! The ending will knock you off your feet it’s so good (man can she spin a twist!)!

Doodle answered her own prompt with a well written tale about the power of nicknames in Any Day of the Week. You really need to run over and read it.

And last but by no means least, Troy topped the class off with his extraordinary 501 words plus a sentence in which he used a WordPress Daily Prompt in conjunction with Master Class to spin a brilliant tale about a boy with a girl’s name, a girl with a boy’s name, and their claim to fame.

And because Troy set the bar so high this week, I asked him to choose the 5th book from his top shelf, and give me the 5th true line on the 55th page. What I got back, including the picture of his really cool church pew bookshelf, was nothing short of amazing. So, without further chit chat, I give you the new prompt:


Such a nice surprise to find a hot cup of coffee and an apple waiting for me! How did y’all know I skipped breakfast? 😉

Since Troy had to deal with 5’s to give us this assignment, so do you. Use your line anywhere in the story as long as its a 5th and isn’t either the first or last line.

Your assignments are due by 9:00 PM EST on August 6, 2013 (dude, is summer really almost over?)

The link up is now live!

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