Master Class Summer Edition #2

Storch-BadgeHello class. How’s your summer? The professor is finding this summer challenging in getting in writing time! The completed assignment count is low, so I know you are too! The last assignment, chosen by the Professor, was to use the 4th line from the 77th page of Chosen by Ted Dekker. That line was “They call me Scrapper.” You were given a choice to use it as the starting line of your story or the finishing line. We all found it easier to end our stories with the line, and what an amazing job each of you did!

Eric gave us a personal look into the thoughts of superhero with “Death Walks.”

Shannon had “That Kind of Day.”

The Professor continued the Road Kill Hunters.

Troy used the line in a unique way by not only starting with it, but repeating it throughout his 228 words and a sentence.

Stacey joined in this week with her bittersweet “Scrapper.

And Lexy’s piece about An Unlikely Team stuck with me this week. It’s well-crafted and I like the originality, plus her boy has an interesting accent that isn’t overbearing. I asked Lexy to choose any book and give me a 10. Here is your new assignment from the 10th page:


Your assignment is to use that line somewhere in the body of your piece. I’m being a bit more flexible with the line because its a hard line (which is awesome) and because its summer.

You have until Tuesday, July 2 at 9:00 PM EST to link up.

The linkup is now live!

Ready? Set? Write!



Here's YOUR write side. Fill it up!

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