Master Class 2013: Summer Edition 1

Storch-BadgeSummer session began last week, and even with a second week for submissions, the turn out was low. That’s okay because it will give the Professor more time to focus on the assignments turned in! Carrie of The Muse Unleashed chose a line from a song by Incubus: “No umbrellas, no sunglasses, hell and hallelujah every day.” I give them all A++.

Tara turned in an assignment that made you think twice about the danger of ignoring warning signs.

Carrie used her prompt to teach us an interesting lesson in trust with her assignment.

Troy regaled us with a tale of a man with a cross to bear.

The new student, Amanda Lynn, turned in a beautifully romantic vampire tale that reminds us that good things come to those who wait.

Kirsten continued her serial and showed us the lighter side of her character with her assignment this week.

The Professor managed to wrap the week off with a short story about a team of Road Kill Hunters that was really fun to write.

Since the work this week was top quality, I had a very hard time choosing someone to provide the next line, so I decided to choose one. Our next assignment comes from page 77, line 4. Here is your new assignment:


Your assignment is to use that line as either the first or last line of your story. You have until Tuesday, June 18, 2013, 9:00 pm EST to hand in your assignments.

Happy Summer! The linkup is now live!

Ready? Set? Write!


Here's YOUR write side. Fill it up!

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