Master Class 2013 #11: Desperation, Authority, and a Lamb

Storch-BadgeSettle down class! It’s time for class to begin. Before I hand out the new assignment, I have some announcements to make…

Your assignment last week came from Renee, who chose “Desperation gave him authority” from T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. Ten muses inspired ten stories and I am highlighting the best of the best below, though every single entry was a fabulous read.

Shannon handed in The Marauders that was heralded as “disturbingly well written” and “chillingly fantastic.” It is a very dark tale that will terrify you as much as it delights you.

Our old professor, Eric Storch, gave us a piece riddled with anger that holds elements of truth about Fame.

Newcomer Amanda Lynn brought us an interesting tale of a vampire losing control.

Steph wowed again with Electricity, a beautifully written tale of a shopkeeper who can’t compete with modern times.

But it was Tara who set the bar highest this week with a fantastic tale of fatherly love in A Father’s Right.

I asked Tara to choose the first line of the last paragraph from any book of her choosing. She chose Lamb by Christopher Moore. Your challenge this week is:

“That’s all I remember.”

You cannot use this line to begin or end your story. In fact, you have two choices this week. You can use the line anywhere else in your story or you can write a story based on the prompt without using the line at all. If you need an example, check out Words with Teeth‘s submission from last week. He did a fantastic job of using the prompt as the basis for his story without inserting the line at all.

You have until 9 pm EST, Tuesday April 23 to link up your assignments. The link up is live.

Ready? Set? Write!!



  1. Dude, this fits perfectly with something that’s been swimming in my head the past few days…I would thank Tara for the perfect prompt except she made me feel all ragey when I read her last one 😉


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