Master Class 2013-Motherhood and Desperation

Storch-BadgeOh my. Y’all have a lazy professor. A lazy professor indeed. I completely missed last week, but when you live life in the fast lane, it happens. However, we have new challenge with a new twist and a new deadline for your writing pleasure. I just know that your muse will be inspired this week, and I expect a FULL class attendance this week, and timely submissions. Slackers won’t be tolerated, professor included. 😉

Sadly, there were only  three souls brave enough to take on Erma Bombeck and her line from Motherhood: The Second Oldest Profession which was “One of the biggest complaints about motherhood is the lack of training.”

Stacey chose that line and Tina chose the one before that, so I asked Renee to open any book of her choosing, open it to page 152, and give me the second line of the last paragraph.  She chose T.H. White’s The Once and Future King. Your line for this week, to be used anywhere in your story is:

“Desperation had given him authority.”

Wake the muse and get to work. Time is a-wasting. All assignments are now due by 9:00 pm EST on TUESDAYS. The new Master Class will go live every Wednesday (and to keep you on your toes, I’ll leave the time open. (: )

I expect to see a link up to YOUR story by Tuesday, April 16th, 9 PM EST.

The link up is live. Ready? Set? Write!!


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