Be Enough: Progress

In January, I introduced myself to a new community, Just Be Enough. I mean, I have been a reader for a long time, but when the call to join the writing team went out, I have to tell you I struggled. Hard. I want to take the chance so badly, but…

I had an internal battle with fear, time, and laziness. Seriously.

The biggest battle was fear, however, and that’s why I chose the word Courage as one of my three words to work on this year. The real first step to finding courage came when I submitted my application to the Just be enough staff. Then, the second step came in accepting the invitation to join the team (did I mention I swooned when I got the email?). The third step was writing that first post, putting my voice out there in a new way. Then, last Friday, I took a very important first step to conquering that same fear by coming out of my shell and unmasking the woman behind “SAM.”

In other areas of my life, I had the courage to enforce a new discipline technique on my very stubborn and uncouth stepson. I had the courage to seek out new sources of publication. I dived back into my completed novelette, seeking space to add 3,000 more words to the story to fit the word count of a much desired publishing home.

Now, I need the courage to follow through and make time to work on the novelette, hon it and tone it, until it is “perfect”. Then I need the courage to send it off and put my name out there.

14082_10200761140371721_1074492472_nI gathered enough courage to chop my hair off in a new hairdo, and learned to cherish the esteem it gave me. It made me feel pretty, something I don’t often feel. Now, I seek new ways to cherish my appearance, my personality, the make-up of me. I’m also learning to cherish my husband, though many days the task is hard.

It’s not that I don’t love him, because I do, fiercely. It’s that he is selfish more than not, and there are many issues within our marriage because I am standing in the valley with our children while he is on the mountaintop alone. If I don’t learn to cherish the baby steps he is making to climb down the mountain and join us in the valley, our marriage may not survive.

I’m learning to cherish my children in new ways that have me yelling less and understanding more, and as a result, there is more peace and cooperation overall.

I’ve cherished the sacred mornings of quiet where I can spend time with my Lord, delighting in whatever He has to say to me today, and that makes my entire day different. It gives me a feeling of completion that helps me go to sleep at night without all the thoughts of what I could have done different that day.

Completion….word number three. I’ve taken some baby steps towards completion, but nothing I’d brag about it today. I am content with the progress I’ve made towards getting it, however, and that alone is priceless.

How about you? How are you doing achieving the goals you set for yourself this year?


  1. First, can I just tell you how much I love your haircut? I love short hair (obviously) and one of the reasons is that you can no longer hide yourself if your hair is short..YOU are you, and people truly see you..your face, your mannerisms, your eyes. You are one beautiful girl my friend.

    I tell you (almost daily) that I know that you have EVERYTHING is takes to write a dozen books and have everyone in the world know how amazing your talent is. I believe it, with my whole heart. I am just so glad that when I ended up here in the blog world of fiction writing that your blog was part of the community I happened upon, because I know that my life and my writing are better because you’re in it.

    COURAGE, what a great word. You are one of the bravest women I know.


  2. Wow, Sam this is an awesome post. Raw and honest, moving and inspiring. I’d like to find the courage to write like this on my non-fiction posts. This shoves me one step closer to that.


  3. So I read you have been busy with your courage! 🙂 Good for you! Great post, I am a slow work in progress lol But at least I am making steps towards my goals, i am taking my time so that i get it right. LOL I am enough, I will succeed.


  4. *hugs* your courage here is awesome and lovely, and I’m so happy for you that you found this outlet to take your baby steps and hold yourself accountable 😉 no one is perfect, but you are kind of awesome 😉


  5. I am so inspired by this. One of my words is courage too, and I want all these things for you and me. Good luck with your novelette, that one is almost reached.


    • And I read your post on courage and you listed all the same things as me too. I want them all for you and me, too. We can do this!


  6. Your courage is refreshing and awesome. I hope you continue to find progress and finish your novelette! How exciting to be that much closer to your goal. You inspire me to keep working toward my own goals.


    • It’s indescribably wonderful to read “You inspire me.” Thank you. I am trying hard to keep the confidence level up that my novelette is good enough. I believe the story is, and I want them to, too.


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