Dual-edged Sword-Master Class 2013 #8

Settle down class! Before we get to the new assignment I have some announcements to make.

Last week, Steph brought us our assignment which was to use the first line from the fifth chapter of Three Junes by Julia Glass: “Clever how the cosmos can, in a single portent, be ingratiating yet sadistic.”

We had outstanding work by everyone who submitted.

Eric bared his soul in My Battle of Evermore.

Renee shared a chilling tale in Murphy’s Law, Of Course

Kir came through with her collaborative serial, Introductions: The Path You Choose.

This week, however, we had two aces. Michael of Innocents and Accidents, Hints and Allegations went outside the box with the cosmos of newborn parenting in Baby Monitor, and Tina of Not Just Another Mother Blogger came through with a calculated tale of domestic abuse with The Laughter of the Cosmos.

I asked them both to open a book and give me the first line from each. Tina chose Shadow of the Night by Deborah HarknessMichael chose Winter Journal by Paul Auster. Your lines this week are:

From Shadow of the Night:

“The past cannot be cured.”

And from Winter Journal:

“You have entered the winter of your life.”

You can use these lines in any order, however you must begin the story with one and end it with the other. Please identify the lines in the story by enclosing them in quotes, bolding, or italicizing.

You have until 6pm Monday March 4, 2013 to turn your assignments in using the linky below. Please use the hashtag #MCprompt if you tweet.

And GO!



  1. Ooohh, I’m already starting to consider the possibilities of the lines 🙂

    Congrats to all. There were some great pieces, especially considering the trickiness of that line


  2. Congratulations Winners!!!! Tina I loved your piece!!! Will comment this morning.

    and wow, a double …My favorite, why have one when you can have TWO (BOTH!)


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