2012 Year in Review

Man, was it a year! I officially closed down The Scoop on Poop, even though my journey of self-discovery wasn’t finished, I’d found I outgrew it. I was a featured writer  for Studio 30+, became a member of the Master Class Fab Four, and wrote the second part of the Fab Four Fables. I also collaborated on a fun little short story with my friend, Carrie, whom I also wrote a story for this year as a guest on her blog.

I don’t remember if I started the Steampunk series, In Time, this year or last, but I spent a lot of time writing new pieces this year, and Viola Grace was born. She is one of my strongest characters to date. Tribba is the loudest, and her story, The Elven Games, is still being written. I started a mermaid story that is still waiting for an ending, and I began a Fairy Tale(yep, still unfinished!).

This year also saw the completion (yes, I actually finished something!) of Christmas at Tiffany’s, my serial story about the cursed engagement ring. It’s been retitled, edited three times, and in the final stages before I begin marketing it for publication. My window for publishing in time for Christmas this year disappeared, but that just means I have more time to market it for next year. (Woot!).

I’ve made some awesome new friends, joined some new FB groups that will help me in my writing endeavors. I’ve been very blessed with kind editors and readers. I answered 10 questions about myself, and told you about the Next Big Thing I’m working on (and you can look forward to another one soon!). I even entered America’s Next Author with the revamped Gloria and Emily Suess’s writing contest with The Forgetting, though I didn’t win (BUT I ENTERED!).

Some of my favorite posts this year:

And, according to my stats, some of the most viewed posts this year:

I set out at the beginning of last year with a promise to myself to never quit writing, and I think my writing has grown as a result. You, my friends, went a long way to contributing to that. I don’t have a crystal ball to see what 2013 holds for me, but I’m excited for the new year nonetheless, especially as I am one of the new writers for Just.Be.Enough in 2013. It is my sincere hope that y’all will keep riding this roller coaster with me.

Here’s to a fantastic 2013 filled with lots of writing, finished stories, accomplishing goals, and getting published!




  1. You had an incredible year Steph.. And I am so happy I was here to read every single word of it. I told you that your words are just magic.. And your talent.. Undeniable.

    Now we get to be part of JBE together and I’m thrilled.

    Here’s to a completely wonderful 2013. You have it takes to make it shine my friend. Xoxo


    • I am thrilled to be a part of JBE this coming year. If my words can make a difference in just one person’s life, it is totally worth it.


  2. Of course, I’m all for your continued and growing success. So happy to have “met” you this year and I am looking forward to more solid and awesome writing from you in 2013.


    • I am very happy to have met you this year, as well. I’m so glad I joined in on the Master Class meme, and I really think it will have more success in the new year.


    • my wish for you too. Thanks for helping me through the year, Carrie. Your friendship is a gift and I am a lucky receiver.


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