The Invasion

Image belongs to Madison Woods. Used with permission.

Syrai stepped out of the plane as the dust cleared and looked around. Gobs of gooey mass spread evenly across the field, in the same orderly fashion as the humans had been. She leaned down, stuck a probe in the nearest gob, and dropped it into a vial.

“Such a disgrace to science,” Syrai muttered as the tube turned blue. Andos touched her shoulder lightly.

“At least now we will be prepared.”

Syrai shrugged him off and climbed back into the plane. Angry tears glistened in her eyes.

“How dare they destroy their planet, and then try to destroy ours?”


This story is inspired by this week’s #FridayFictioneers picture prompt, hosted by Madison Woods.

It is also inspired by the Bloggy Mom’s Writer’s Workshop, also a picture prompt.

Constructive criticism is appreciated. Please feel free to share your thoughts in a comment.

Thanks for stopping in!


  1. I’ve enjoyed all the scifi takes on this week’s prompt! Thanks for playing along even if it was a gross-looking pic 🙂

    Your story is hopefully not going to be so close to the truth by the time we’re able to explore and conquer far away planets, but so far we don’t seem to be veering from that path. I’m sad to think if we *could* do it, we probably would because we’d feel just as entitled to the pristine planets as we did to the pristine unsettled areas of our own.


  2. Great piece. Although I am generally not a sci-fi fan, this piece felt like an intro to something that I would like to read more of 😀


  3. I might have understood the story in reverse. I imagined humans from Earth were the invaders and had conquered another planet after destroying Earth. I had thought the people in the plane were the aliens lamenting what humans from Earth had done to the alien world, and the dead humans that had been reduced to goo were killed as the aliens tried to defend themselves against us. Either way, the story works well and is superbly written. I loved it!


    • nope, you are dead on, for the most part, except the plane was used like a crop plane, a deadly “dust” falling on the humans and reducing them to goo. Apparently the aliens are one up on us here. 🙂

      I’m glad you enjoyed it.


    • Thanks. I amazed myself tonight. I had this longer piece written then set to hacking it up. When I was done, I had exactly 100 words. I have never done that before, nor looked at a piece that closely and said “What is it really about?”


  4. What gets me is that the aliens reduced a group of humans to gobs in what appears to be a flash. “… in the same orderly fashion as the humans had been.” That’s terrifying that we had no defense.

    Well played!


    • It really does. I had brains in my head (pun intended, LOL), but that was getting too long, so, I deleted and cut, snipped and tucked, and voila.


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