The Thirst

All images belong to Madison Woods

The drought has lasted 240 days now with no end in sight. Death is swiftly approaching. There’s only one barrel of water left. The going is slow but that barrel is nearing. I can see it clearly. I twist the handle and nothing happens. The spigot is dry.

Please, I beg of you, I would do anything for just one drop to wet my lips!

Who’s that standing in my way?

No! That’s my drop! You can’t have my drop!

Bang! Bang!

One final round of gunfire and you’re all mine.

I killed for you, now how about that drop?

Leeroy turned to Angela for this week’s 100 Word Song. She chose #1 Crush by Garbage, and here is my response to it.

Today’s story was also inspired by Madison Woods #FridayFictioneers image prompt. The image we worked with this week is posted in the story above.

I always welcome and appreciate constructive criticism. Thank you for sharing your thoughts in a comment.

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  1. I never would have put water and the addictive, obsessed creature in this song together. Wow! Bang bang, makes it almost childish, delusional? As if the whole thing some kind of deadly joke.


  2. I imagine there is some loss of control at the end like that, but I hope I’m never willing to kill for a last drop of water. Good story, it made me think deeper.


  3. And the sad thing is that the last water would come out from the bullet hole if it were low enough, hastening the end. 😦 Good job conveying the effects of delirium.


  4. I hope we are never that desperate that we have to shoot someone for the last drop. Your character made me so thirsty, I had to get up and get a drink of….iced tea. Nice work.


  5. I found it a bit confusing too, but decided that was because the narrator is delirious from thirst. Then it occurred to me – we already know the water barrel is dry. Exactly WHAT is he expecting the person he shot to provide a drop of? Blood?

    (On second thought, after reading the story one more time, he’s talking to the water barrel at the end – it’s the barrel that’s all his, right? I still think he’s delirious, though. Good story.)


    • Yes, you are correct on all accounts. He is delirious and he’s talking to the barrell, which, after shooting the “intruder” is all his again. Thanks for reading!!


  6. is this a diary entry or the thoughts of someone? I like it, I can picture it happening but it’s a bit confusing what the POV is. It almost seems as if we start with one person and then after the Bang Bang there is another person’s thoughts…or maybe that is just me 🙂


    • its the thoughts of one person all the way through. The lengths they will go through for their “crush” which, in this case, is water.


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